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Friday, January 8, 2010

Ham and Cheese Sandwich with Pure LOVE

This food that I'm going to feature this morning is the one that I am preparing for my sweetheart, everyday from Monday to Friday. He loves this very much for his lunch meal to school (he is a grade school teacher here in Bangkok). Americans love sandwiches and almost all kinds of bread, while Filipinos like me love to eat rice, rice and rice!!! :)

How to prepare a yummylicious ham and cheese sandwich? It is so easy and simple. I am sure my 10 year old kid can do this. For those of you who wants to teach your children a little independence on preparing simple food while you're at work or away from home, you should teach them how to make an easy and simple but nutritious food like sandwiches or something that you might think of. But beware and aware not to teach them to use knife or the gas stove because it is dangerous. They can actually cook but still with our supervision, as parents.


What do we need?

sliced or loaf bread
mustard (optional)
Paris ham or smoked ham (but you call also try other kinds of ham)
sliced cheese
sliced tomato
dried oregano leaves, ground (optional)
ground black pepper
iodized salt


1. Get a plate and put two slices of loaf bread on it, spread a little of mustard on one of those bread like this in the picture.

2. Add the Paris ham or any kind of ham available in your fridge. My sweetheart's favorite ham is Paris ham. Put 2-3 slices (if the slices are thin, otherwise just put 1 slice only) of ham in your sandwich.

3. Then, the sliced cheese.

4. Plus, 2-3 slices of tomatoes.

5. A dash of ground black pepper and dried oregano leaves, and iodized salt. if you don't have dried oregano leaves, it is okay. It will still taste good without it. Don't add too much salt or black pepper, though.

6. For finale, add the lettuce on top. You may add ketchup and mayonaise if you like. But, I don't put them because he doesn't like. You may also add fried egg or sunny side egg before the tomato slices, it's up to you. That will be ham, egg and cheese sandwich already. Have fun and enjoy eating! ;)

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