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Monday, January 11, 2010

Restaurant For Today: Sizzler and Coffee World

I was invited by a friend of mine to dine in at Sizzler Steak Restaurant in Fashion Island Mall. At Sizzler's you will taste yummy steaks and other american food in a very affordable price. I ordered beef steak with french fries and it cost only 169.00 baht, the salad buffet bar is for free once you order any food in their menu. This restaurant is one of my favorites and on top of my list because of the taste of food, costless, and the service is superb. If I were to choose between Mc Donald's and Sizzler's I would still prefer the second one. Nothing compares to Sizzler's not even KFC and other famous fast food chains.

These photos were taken inside Sizzler's:

Perfect combination... love it! :p

Varieties of salad, water melon punch and spinach soup.

Beef Steak and french fries

Mousse and jellies for my yummy dessert

And these photos were taken at the Coffee World:

Pancakes with blueberry filling and green iced tea with mousse

Good thing about drinking coffee and tea here is that they have free wifi service available for their customers. Nice idea! Love it! Whattaday!:D

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