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Friday, February 19, 2010

Graham's Mango Float Dessert

I thought I wouldn't be able to make this yummy dessert because I am here in Thailand and I never thought that there are Filipino stores here at the heart of Bangkok where you can buy 100% Filipino ingredients and other goods that we usually have on our grocery list.

In our grocery store nearby, I could not find Graham biscuits and nestle cream. I went to Silom in Bangkok just to buy for these two missing ingredients so I could be able to make a yummylicious Mango Float dessert.

Do you wanna know how? It is just easy. My kid and husband love this desert so much.

Mango Float Dessert


2 packs of Graham biscuits
2 packs of Nestle Cream
1 can of Carnation condensed milk (or any brand of condensed milk)
1-2 medium sized ripe mango


1. Combine or Mix the 2 packs of Nestle cream and 1 can of Carnation condensed milk in a container (remember to mix it well), then set aside as you prepare the next step.

2. In a plastic container or tupperware lay down the biscuits like what you see in the picture above.

3. Pour the mixture of Nestle cream and Carnation condensed milk on top of Graham biscuits, spread it evenly. Then, put another biscuits on top and put the mixture on top and so on, repeat the procedure until it is already 3-4 layers of biscuits filled with the mixture.

4. After # 3, crushed the remaining biscuits (almost like powder), then put on top of the biscuit with the mixture. (please see above image)

5. Finally, sliced the ripe mango into two halves then slice diagonally or according to what shape you desire. Mango slices will be on top of it.

Keep refrigerated for 5 hours and ready to serve.


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