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Monday, February 28, 2011

Chocolate Molding and Choco Mallows

Chocolate Molding is as easy as one, two, three! Just follow the steps below, and you will be able to have a yummy goody chocolate for the family or if you plan to put up a small business.

I bought my ingredients and utensils from Chocolate Lover Store please check the link so you will be able to know on how to get there:


1/2 kilo of Chocolate Bar (Premium)
1 small cup of Rice Crisp (crushed)
6-10 pcs. of Marshmallows


Chocolate molders (shaped of shells or chocolate kisses)
a Teaspoon
Chopping board
Ribbons and Plastic for packaging
Deep pan


1. Chopped the 1/2 kilo chocolate bar on a chopping board, make sure they are cut a little so that it is easy to melt.

2. Put a water in a casserole, it should be half filled and let it boil in a high temperature for 10 minutes or so.

3. Then, put the deep pan on top of the casserole. Let the water below boil for 5-10 minutes and as soon as the chocolate melts on the deep pan. The chocolate pieces will melt due to steam process.

4. Mix and when the chocolate melts already, add the rice crisp and mix it well

The rice crisp must turn brown like this.

5. Remove the deep pan on top of the casserole and turn off the fire. Get the molders and put in the chocolate with rice crisp, make sure that the shape of the molders has filled in well carefully. Use a teaspoon.

6. Roll over the marshmallows on the chocolate crisp, do it quickly as the chocolate is still soft. Carefully, arrange them on a plate and keep a distance to prevent them sticking together when they are hard.

7. Then, keep them in the fridge for 8-10 minutes. I sometimes put them in the freezer so it will be easier to become solid.

It is up to you how to package them depending on how much are you going to sell them. In my case, I put 10-12 pieces of tiny chocolates in a plastic and seal it with beautiful ribbons. I sell them about 15.00 each small bag. Or if you wanna make it more cheap. Get a plastic jar and put them there, sell them at 1.50-2.00 pesos each. The chocomallows cost about 2.50-3.00 pesos each. So it is up to you!


1. When you remove the chocolate and mallows in the fridge or freezer, make sure they are hard enough, you can tell by the color of it. Of course, if it looks wet or glossy it means it is still not hard.

2. DO NOT PUT THE CHOCOLATE BAR IN FRIDGE after you bought them from the store because it will not melt easier or not at all when you steam them. Unless, you just want to eat them as it is.

3. Rice crisp is delicious and serve as extenders which means it can help on having many output. I use it to produce more income.

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  1. where did you buy your Chocolate bars and how much per kilo, is it available in any stores or in malls? thanks :D


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